How to make a flawless bed like they do in hotels


If you’ve always wanted to make a bed the way they do in a luxury hotel, today is your day.

Housekeeper Constance Chapalain from the Four Seasons is sharing all of her secrets. And even though she speaks French, you’ll understand exactly how she makes an immaculate bed.

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Learn how to make a bed from a housekeeping pro!

Meticulously made bed

  • Put the sheet on the bed, tucking the sheet in between the mattress and the box-spring.
  • Take the other side of the sheet, fold it upwards and tuck it in to create the perfect fold.

Easily place the duvet in the duvet cover

  • Take both corners of the duvet and insert them inside the duvet cover.
  • Once both corners are set inside the duvet, take them and shake until the cover comes down. Place the duvet on the bed.
  • Insert the last two corners of the duvet into the cover and set onto the bed.

A perfectly made pillow

  • Fold the pillow in half.
  • Insert the pillow into the case.
  • Tuck the opened end to close it.

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BONUS TIP: For a sparkling bathroom mirror, skip glass cleaner. It can leave a greasy film behind. Instead, take a micro-fiber cloth — damp with hot water — and wipe the mirror down. Finish by wiping the mirror dry with a fresh cloth.

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