8 things you should probably clean more often


We all have our typical cleaning routines — but do you ever wonder how often you should really be cleaning certain things?

Cleaning certain items too often can damage the quality over time, while not cleaning other things enough can lead to some serious bacteria build up!

8 things you should probably clean more often

There are a lot of things around the house you may not think to clean — things like your toothbrush and smartphone screen — that can build up a lot of bacteria in just a day or two!

Here’s a look at some of those things you might be overlooking.

How to keep your house fresh, clean & germ-free!

To help you keep your house fresh, clean and germ-free, this helpful chart from Henry Hoover shows how often you should be cleaning some of the most common household items — from sheets and pillows to jeans, windows and more!

how often you should clean household items

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