These household items remove makeup just as well as expensive wipes


Don’t spend a lot of money on makeup remover cloths — these everyday items work just as well and cost far less.

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Replace expensive wipes with these household items

Avocado: There’s a reason why avocado is a key ingredient in many skincare products; the oils are brilliant at making raccoon eyes disappear.

Almond oil and milk or yogurt: Mix a little almond oil with milk or yogurt to easily remove eye makeup.

Olive oil and cucumber: This combination doesn’t just get rid of eye makeup; it also helps you de-puff.

Honey and baking soda: When mixed together, these two ingredients fight blackheads and remove raccoon eyes.


If you’re in a real pinch, Chapstick can also remove makeup. Who knew?

And, for what it’s worth, baby wipes work as well, and they’re a lot cheaper than pricey cloths.

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