‘Hero’ pizza driver saves injured elderly woman


A Florida pizza delivery driver became a hero when she saved a customer on her delivery route.

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Karen Vogt, 26, was delivering a pizza for Mezzaluna Pizzeria in Flagler County when she rang the doorbell of the customer’s home and didn’t receive a response, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said Vogt thought she heard a crash inside the home and was able to work her way inside, where she found an elderly woman had fallen and injured her wrist.

>>Read the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office report

Deputies said Vogt called her employer and had them alert authorities while she waited with the injured woman.

“If Ms. Vogt had not stayed to help, the victim could possibly have been on the floor until someone came to check on her. I feel that Ms. Vogt went above and beyond to offer assistance to another person in need,” Commander Jeff Stuart with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday. He added that Vogt would be honored for her kind act.

Vogt worked in an assisted living facility prior to working at the pizza restaurant, according to the sheriff’s office report.

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