Get “wedding insurance” just in case


The average wedding today is bumping up against $30,000. And, typically for first weddings with younger brides and grooms, the parents of the bride pay for the wedding.

That’s a lot of money that Mommy and Daddy have to shell out for down payments and parties, especially if the wedding doesn’t work out. The good news is that now there is a safety net for parents who foot the bill. It’s called “innocent party change-of-heart insurance,” and it allows parents to get their money back if the couple calls off the wedding at the last minute.

This so-called “wedding insurance” is provided by Fireman’s Fund and it only protects an outside party that pays for the wedding. If the bride and groom pay for everything, they can’t take out the insurance. But if the parents have paid, they get their money back. I think it’s a great idea, especially with all of the people who get cold feet these days!

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