FDA approves drug to calm dogs’ nerves during fireworks


Does your precious pooch hide under the couch when the fireworks start? A new safe and effective treatment has just been approved by the FDA, and may help your dog with 4th of July firework jitters. 

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The new treatment is called Sileo, and it calms dogs frightened by thunder or fireworks without sedating them. 

Dr. Matt Murphy with City Vets in Dallas told WFAA News, ‘It’s a sedative that we give dogs but when given into the mouth, it’s been shown to help decrease noise sensitivity dramatically without causing any sedation or any change in personality — which we’ve not been able to do previously.’ 

How it works

Dr. Murphy described how to administer the product, which is given orally.

‘They do not actually swallow it,’ he said. ‘It’s absorbed in the mouth, works within a few minutes and lasts 2-3 hours. Some studies have shown up to five hours of efficacy.’ 

It’s important to note — this product isn’t for dogs with certain kinds of preexisting conditions, such as severe cardiovascular disease, respiratory, liver or kidney diseases. Be sure to talk with your vet first before administering Sileo. 

However, this product could be extremely helpful in calming your dog’s nerves during the 4th of July holiday, giving you peace of mind as you celebrate. 

To learn more about Sileo, visit the company’s website here.

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