Electric Skates Are Super-Serving Millennials


Imagine being able to zoom around traffic clogs on the sidewalk so you can get to your destination faster.

In what seems like news of the weird, there’s a new invention that allows people to strap electric skates to their feet to get around.

Branded as Rocket Skates, these things can go 12 miles per hour, which is just slightly below the legal limit of motorized vehicles on sidewalks in most places.

Motorized skates for your feet!

Rocket Skates attach to your shoes and almost look like reverse mini-tricycles, with two wheels in front and one in the back. The pricing for an entry level pair starts at $419 and gives you 45 minutes of ride time. More expensive models offer longer ride times before they have to be recharged.

If you watch the Rocket Skates video, it’s really weird. I can already imagine riders colliding with pedestrians!

Rocket Skates actually fit nicely with the Millennial demo who may not want a license and want to live in walkable areas. A third or more of people under age 30 have no driver’s license right now, if you believe the stats.

But there are times you’ve got to get somewhere quickly. That’s why you see electric bike sales rising, much to the chagrin of bicycle purists. Priced around $400, electric bikes typically go 15 miles per hour.

So Rocket Skates are just another part of this kind of thinking for a changing demographic. I believe there are all kinds of business opportunities that will emerge around this very large number of Americans who think differently.

Millennials are a unique group. They tend to save better than any prior generation of Americans, except for those who lived through the Great Depression. They have no special attachment to cars, making them the first generation of younger people since WW II without a real love for the automobile.


I wrote in my last book, Clark Howard’s Living Large for the Long Haul, about a young white collar couple who gave up their cars in rural Barrington, Illinois. By making that one move, they were able to pay off $90,000 in student loan debt over several years and are almost done paying off their mortgage too!

The changes Millennials represent offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money by serving them the way they want to be served!

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