Doughnut shop customers buy out the store DAILY when owner’s wife falls ill!


When it’s time to make the doughnuts, Donut City owner John Chhan knows one thing.

They’re going to sell out quickly by the dozen and he’ll be able to close up shop early to be by his ailing wife’s side.

That’s thanks to a concerted effort by the community surrounding his Seal Beach, California, bakery.

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Donut City sure has some sweet customers!

The Orange County community began rallying behind this independently owned business when it learned Chhan’s wife, who co-ran Donut City with her husband for more than three decades, recently suffered a debilitating aneurysm.

KCAL-TV reports that’s when the concerted effort began to encourage everyone who walks through the bakery’s door to take a dozen doughnuts, rather than just buying one or two.

Now it’s not uncommon for Chhan to be completely sold out by 10 a.m., which allows him to close his store and help his wife through rehab as she learns to talk, write and eat on her own again.

This what Chhan says he prefers — rather than the GoFundMe account his customers initially wanted to set up for the family that came as refugees from Cambodia in 1979.

In the midst of our contentious political climate, isn’t it nice when a feel-good story like this comes along?

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