This one kitchen appliance can do the cooking and cleaning — at the same time


It’s hard to think of the dishwasher as a cooking appliance, but you’ll be convinced once you taste what comes out of it.

That’s right, you can actually cook with your dishwasher. Steam and hot water are both solid cooking methods, and that’s basically what a dishwasher is designed to create. It might take a little more planning than other cooking styles, but it’s definitely worth some experimentation.

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Choosing what to cook in the dishwasher

Choosing what to cook is the most important part. As far as protein goes, you need to select something that doesn’t need to be fully cooked, like shrimp. Since the dishwasher isn’t going to get as hot as an oven, it does limit what you can cook.

To set up your meal, place the ingredients into large mason jars, screw on the lids, run the dishwasher normally and wait for the magic to happen. You can even put the food cooking jars in with other dirty dishes. Since the jars have an airtight seal, none of the soap or dirty water will get inside.

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Watch this video from POPSUGAR and see how the shrimp, green beans, couscous, and berry dessert turn out!

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