Different, not disabled: The Aimee Copeland story


Every four years the Olympics brings us stories of fresh new American heroes who rose up to beat the odds. But sometimes, the most inspirational triumphs happen right in our own hometowns.

Aimee Copeland, a young psychology student at the University of Georgia, went hiking by the river one day with her girlfriends. When they found an abandoned homemade zip-line suspended in the trees, they took turns riding it. But on Aimee’s second try, she took a terrible fall. At first, it seemed she just suffered a bad cut.

Within days, it was clear there was something terribly wrong: the river had infected her cut with a bacteria causing necrotizing fasciitis. The flesh-eating bug stole Aimee’s hands, leg and right foot.

But what might have devastated another person didn’t stop Aimee. In fact, she found a new spiritual foundation, and the true meaning of ‘beauty.’ Watch her story.

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