Denver dad becomes unwitting vigilante


I’m always amazed by stories of people don’t live life as bystanders, but actually get involved when they see something happening.

CBS 4 in Denver reports Frank Ventola became an inadvertent hero when he tackled a man who had stolen prescription drugs from a Denver metro area pharmacy at a Safeway supermarket.

Frank was in the store one evening to buy some ice cream for his daughter. “I heard the pharmacist yell, ‘Help, help I’m being robbed, someone stop him, I’m being robbed,’ ” he said.

He saw a 20-year-old male suspect and tackled him as he was running through the store. It turned out, as the two men were wrestling on the ground, a knife came out.

“Oh, we had some conversation,” Frank, a former hockey player, said of what transpired from there. Most of what was said was not suitable for a family friendly website!

Frank was able to detain the man until police arrived. The supermarket gave him the ice cream for his daughter for free. His daughter back home didn’t believe his story of heroics!

A lot of people may think I’m encouraging vigilantism. I’m not. But you can feel free to post on Clark Stinks if you don’t believe me. The reality is you have to know your limits and do only what you feel safe doing.

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