You’ve probably been cutting tomatoes wrong! Here’s a better way


Next time you need to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes for a salad, forget about cutting them in half one by one.

You can actually cut 25 or more of them in about five seconds!

Just grab two plates (or plastic lids) and apply this simple kitchen hack to speed up the process!

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Safe, quick and easy way to cut tomatoes

According to the DaveHax YouTube video below, start by putting the tomatoes on a plate and then take another plate and place it upside down on top of the tomatoes.

Holding the top plate in place, carefully run the knife between the plates — away from your body.

When you take the top plate off, you’ll notice that all of the cherry tomatoes are cut in half, and you didn’t even have to get the cutting board dirty.

This simple trick also works with grapes, cherries and olives.

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