5 surprising ways to use your Crock-Pot slow cooker


Do you have a Crock-Pot or any other brand of slow cooker that’s just collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet? If you’re not going to cook with it, there are some other ways to use the appliance to make your life easier.

I recently learned about one of those surprising uses while researching how to remove paint from hardware like door knobs.

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My Google search led me to an article from The Family Handyman. The website explained how I could skip paint strippers with harsh chemicals and remove paint from hardware with the power of heat and water.

Someone offered me their old Crock-Pot the same day I read that article, so I just had to see if it really worked…

How to strip paint from hardware using a Crock-Pot slow cooker  


Door knob covered in paint

Added door knobs, dish soap and water to the slow cooker

Add door knobs to Crock-Pot with dish soap and water

Set it on high for 2-4 hours

Set slow cooker to high for 2-4 hours

Removed door knobs and gently scrubbed them with a sponge 

Remove door knobs from slow cooker and scrub them with a sponge


Door knob cleaned in slow cooker


Not bad, right? In addition to stripping paint, four other non-food uses for a slow cooker include making homemade soap, using it as a humidifier, making play dough and using it as an air freshener.

One thing to consider: I conducted my experiment with a spare slow cooker and don’t plan to cook food in it again.

Here are links to some step-by-step tutorials: 

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  4. Slow cooker play dough – Slow Cooker Central
  5. Make your home smell great with a slow cooker – Crock-Pot  

Do you have any other uses for a slow cooker (besides cooking) that we should add to this list? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or right below in the comments!

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