This couple got their engagement photos taken at Costco


We may have finally found a couple that loves shopping at Costco more than Clark! 

Karinne Tarshish and Dan Klamet decided to have engagement photos taken at their beloved warehouse club — a place where most of us just go to save money on household staples.

Costco engagement photo shoot goes viral

Courtesy: Emmerlee Sherman

‘We both like Costco a lot,” Tarshish told NBC News. “When you see the normal engagement pictures, those just looked kind of awkward to us. I was just kind of joking around with one of my friends and thought it would be a funny idea.”

Photographer Emmerlee Sherman captured the couple romanticizing mundane things — like gazing at bulk meat — at the Costco in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

The couple uploaded the pictures to Imgur and Reddit, and they quickly went viral. 

Tarshish and Klamet said they never planned to get engagement photos, but they went the Costco route when their photographer offered them for free! 

They weren’t sure if Costco would approve of the idea, according to NBC News, so the photo shoot took place after the crowds cleared out — right before closing.

The wedding is set for October, and the entire Clark Howard team wishes the couple a lifetime of happiness!

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