Coffee stand workers stop to pray with woman grieving husband


A Washington woman who was grieving the loss of her husband had no idea that a normal visit to a local coffee stand would change her day for the better.

‘(I) snapped this picture while waiting in line at the Dutch Bros. (coffee stand) today,’ an onlooker wrote on Facebook. ‘Turns out the young lady in line ahead of us lost her 37-year-old husband last night.’ 

The witness, Barbara Danner, said the scene was one of ‘prayer and support.’

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Workers were trained to provide ‘exceptional customer service’

According to KPTV, Dutch Bros. employees Pierce Dunn and Evan Freeman were trained not only to provide drinks and items to customers, but also exceptional customer service through genuine connections. 

When a customer approached the service window in tears, a female coworker told Dunn and Freeman, ‘She’s just having a really bad day. Her husband passed.’


‘As soon as she said that, I was like, ‘There’s nothing more you need to say. We got this. We’re going to do what we do every time we get someone who’s in pain or hurt. We’re going to give them our love,” Freeman told KPTV.

Freeman and Dunn gave the woman a free drink, and then they started to pray with her. 

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‘Basically, I just said, like, you know, I really want her to have peace over the situation … help the mourning of her and her family,’ Dunn said. 

That’s when Danner took the picture. It has been shared on Facebook more than 100,000 times. 


Coffee stand owner Jessica Chudek said that when she heard about the story, she was filled with emotion, but she didn’t know the incident occurred at the location she owned.

‘I thought, ‘That’s great our company does that and we can show love out the window that way.’ I started studying it a little more and I said, ‘Wait, that’s Evan and Pierce! That’s my stand, those are my kids!’ So it just brought me to tears right then,’ she said. 

‘When I saw the picture, I (was) like, ‘This is a normal day at work. We’re doing what we do every day,” said Freeman, who said he never thought the moment would gain viral attention.

‘If every single person did an act of kindness or just had a smile on their face, the world would be a completely different place,’ said Dunn, who hopes to have inspired others.

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