Clark’s take: MGM sues victims of Las Vegas mass shooting


MGM Resorts International is facing intense backlash after the company filed a lawsuit against the victims of a Las Vegas mass shooting, according to news reports. The suit, filed against hundreds of the victims who were outside the Mandalay Bay hotel when Stephen Paddock shot 58 people to death in October 2017, states that MGM has “no liability of any kind.”

Clark’s take on why MGM is suing victims of Las Vegas mass shooting

MGM’s representatives are painting the lawsuit as merely a procedural matter to contain the damages of the victims who have already sued and will bring forth their own litigation in the future.

“While we expected the litigation that followed, we also feel strongly that victims and the community should be able to recover and find resolution in a timely manner,” MGM Resorts spokeswoman Debra DeShong said in a statement, according to Fortune.

She goes on to say: “Congress provided that the Federal Courts were the correct place for such litigation relating to incidents of mass violence like this one where security services approved by the Department of Homeland Security were provided. The Federal Court is an appropriate venue for these cases and provides those affected with the opportunity for a timely resolution. Years of drawn out litigation and hearings are not in the best interest of victims, the community and those still healing.”

Money champ Clark Howard says the hotel giant has lost its moral compass on this one. “MGM, only worried about its own wallet, is using an obscure, novel legal strategy of preemptively suing the victims to try to get a court to issue an order to prohibit anybody from suing them.”

Clark says he’s no fan of the litigious, but what MGM is doing is “so heartless, so cruel and so uncaring.” Safe to say, Clark won’t be checking into any of MGM’s stable of luxurious hotels in the United States nor in other parts of the world any time soon.

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