Taste test: Clark tries ”˜healthy’ Halo Top ice cream


Everyone knows that Clark loves ice cream, but would this self-proclaimed “ice cream snob” enjoy the taste of a “healthy” brand? 

Kim Drobes, executive producer of the Clark Howard Show, thought Clark should try Halo Top because she really likes it. The ice cream is made from all-natural ingredients and has just 240 calories a pint!

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Clark tries Halo Top ice cream

Kim had two flavors of Halo Top, vanilla bean and pistachio, waiting for Clark when he walked into the morning meeting. Would Clark eat an entire pint right in front of us? No one knew what to expect!

Taste test: Clark tries ‘healthy’ Halo Top ice cream

As Clark picked up his spoon to taste this trendy ice cream for the very first time, Christa DiBiase (our general manager) grabbed her phone to record his instant reaction.

“I think the container it comes in would taste better than that,” Clark said. ‘That is definitely an acquired taste.’ 

You really need to watch the video to see and hear more of Clark’s reaction, but it was pretty obvious to everyone in the room that he wasn’t a fan.

And the $3.99 a pint sale price didn’t impress Clark either. 

A few members of Team Clark actually enjoyed the Halo Top flavors, but others agreed with Clark and described the texture as chalky.


In fact, Consumer Reports recently reviewed Halo Top and Arctic Zero, another low-calorie dessert, and taste testers weren’t all that impressed with either of them. 

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