Fire hazards of live Christmas trees: How to keep your family safe this season


There’s nothing quite like having a live Christmas tree for your family to enjoy. Live Christmas trees bring an element of beauty to your holiday celebrations, but they can also bring the risk of a fire.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, the single biggest danger of a live Christmas tree is allowing it to get to too dry. A single spark can ignite the tree, and it can go up in flames in mere seconds. It’s important to water your tree at least every other day.

Other tips to make sure your live tree doesn’t pose a threat are to be sure to keep it well away from radiators, fireplaces and personal heaters. It’s also important not to burn candles on the tree or near it.

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Be sure to check the lights on your tree for bulbs that are missing or showing signs of wear. 

Frayed wires can pose a risk as well.


At bedtime, be sure to unplug the tree.

Finally, have an emergency evacuation plan for your family in case something does go wrong.

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