This Youtube app delivers only kid-friendly content


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A Parent’s Guide To Mobile Device Safety

As the dad of a nine year old, I have to be so careful when my son wants to watch something on YouTube. In fact, my wife or I sit with him when he’s watching YouTube, and more often than not as parents we are like oh no, what have we done, because there will be bad language or bad situations in the YouTube videos.

Well, YouTube knows it’s had this problem, so it’s come up with the new YouTube Kids app. It’s free and it’s completely safe programming. It allows your child to watch content without you sitting right there with him or her and know that they are going to be safe, that nothing rotten is going to happen.

It’s available both for iPad or iPhones as well as any Android device, where your kid can watch endless child oriented video content. I guess the only real problem with the YouTube kids app is, if your kids are already spending too much eyeball time with electronics, this would encourage them to spend even more time. I’m Clark Howard.

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