How to keep your pets safe this Halloween!


Thunder, lightning and everything frightening can stress out your dog or cat. Most pets aren’t really fans of the 4th of July or Halloween – as these holidays can be just as nerve-wracking for them.

How to protect your pets during Halloween

When it comes to protecting your pets during Halloween, guidance from the ASPCA and Humane Society highlights four danger zones: location, trick-or-treaters, treats and costumes/décor.

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A pre-dusk curfew for all pets is recommended, with a safe room inside, away from the chaos of ghouls at the front door (and the temptation to bolt). If you do take your pet out after dark, make sure they are securely leashed and visible, wearing a reflective collar or bandana. Proper pet chip or collar ID is a must in case of separation.

Dangers of Halloween candy

Keep Halloween candy out of reach. Chocolate in all forms, as well as candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol, are very dangerous for dogs and cats. (Find the WebMD list of foods most toxic to dogs here.)

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Other dangers to pets

As for costumes, experts say only put your pets in costumes if they love dressing up as much as you do, and make sure they are not constricted in any way. A pre-Halloween dress rehearsal might reveal unforeseen discomforts.

Decoration dangers to avoid include candle-lit pumpkins, fake spider webbing and wiring. Any candles should be out of reach, and beware of the chewing hazards of toxic décor and spooky lighting. 

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