The Happy Meal gets a healthy makeover


McDonald’s is redesigning the Happy Meal, but I hope it’s in response to customer demand and not a reaction to the posturing of the food police.

I’ve been incensed by governments (mostly in Northern California) that have tried to outlaw the Happy Meal. That’s the job of a parent to decide what a child can and can’t eat. Even worse, Los Angeles went a step further several years ago by putting in a fast food restaurant ban across a broad swatch of geographic territory.

The new Happy Meal will have the following components:

  • A small one-ounce portion of french fries. To give you some perspective, that’s less than half of what a typical portion of fries is in a current Happy Meal.
  • Carrots, raisins, pineapple and oranges will be rotated seasonally and based on sales. The apple slices that are currently available will come minus the caramel dipping sauce in the future.
  • Beverages will include more healthy choices like milk and juice.

If McDonald’s bends to the will of its customers, that’s fine. But if it’s the food police that are making this happen, that’s not OK. To blame McDonald’s because America is obese is wrong. Ronald McDonald doesn’t hold a gun to our head to make us eat his food.

Super Size Me provocateur Morgan Spurlock may have done a great job making a point, but the Golden Arches is not an evil enterprise. McDonald’s serves a want in the marketplace (you can’t call it a “need”) and will now offer healthier choices. Maybe they’re doing it kicking and screaming, but they’re going to do it.

Next up, tofu sandwiches. Just kidding (or not!)

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