Fidget spinner warning: Doctor urges parents to monitor kids’ usage


They’re called fidget spinners and they are flying off the shelves.

A dangerous spin on a popular fad

But Dr. Jennifer Knight, the medical director for UF Health North’s pediatric clinic, said they could cause your child to get hurt.

A Texas woman said her daughter choked on part of the spinner.

“She ended up having to have an emergency endoscopy to have it removed,” Knight said.

Knight showed us just how easily the parts of the fidget spinner can pop off.

“It can obstruct the airway, obstruct breathing and cause essentially a life-threatening situation where it could result in death,” Knight said.

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Grandmother Tammy Mogck said she has four grandchildren, and she will not be allowing these in her home.

“That’s a horrible invention for a child. That really is,” Mogck said.

Knight said the spinners were originally marketed as a learning tool.


“Something we might recommend, a tool for a child with ADHD or autism, anxiety, anything where they might benefit by channeling energy into a fidget,” Knight said.

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Doctors said it’s important for parents to monitor their kids’ play, even if there isn’t a warning on the device they’re using.

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