Girl Scouts can soon earn cybersecurity badges


Known for instilling leadership skills, building confidence and selling delicious cookies, Girl Scouts are now tackling a different kind of cookie: Cybersecurity.

New cybersecurity badges stimulate STEM growth for Girl Scouts

The leadership development organization recently announced a brand new series of 18 cybersecurity badges for girls in grades K’12, rolling out in September 2018.

Girl Scouts earn and display badges on their uniforms to showcase comprehension of a given topic, and for the first time, cybersecurity is a skill to master. The goal is to increasingly expose young girls to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Plus, scouts can simultaneously learn strategies to stay safe online.

Internet safety can be a huge concern for parents, and companies are taking notice. In fact, Google recently launched its new “Be Internet Awesome” campaign, a program featuring an interactive game designed to help kids learn internet safety, rules and etiquette.

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Help kids be smarter and safer online

Whether it’s a badge, a class or a conversation, check out these resources to keep your family safe online:

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