Creative ways to save on babysitting costs


TRANSCRIPT: Who knew? A new National survey shows that we pay a lot of money to hire a babysitter for our kids. Nationally the average $13 and change. The lowest cost city surveyed was $11. The highest cities right at $16 an hour, and get this, babysitters now get tips on top of the hourly rate.

So it means that if you wanna go out on the town, you may be looking at $75 for the babysitter before you’ve spent the first penny on what you are doing out at night. So you know what people are doing? Parents are setting up babysitting co-ops. Usually a group of four parents will get together and what they do is they will take in each others kids and they will rotate, so that every group of parents gets a night out on the town. Actually three nights on out on the town for every one night they babysit, and then it doesn’t cost them a cent.

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