Use the 5-3-1 method to make dinner plans without any drama


“What do you want for dinner?” is a simple question, but there’s never a simple (and quick) answer if your spouse or children are indecisive — and that can be so frustrating night after night!

Reddit user Mic_Check_One_Two shared a simple trick to speed the conversation along. Here’s how it works…

Can’t decide what to eat? Use the 5-3-1 method

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to eat out or cook at home, all you have to do is remember the 5-3-1 method the next time you make dinner plans.

  • Step 1: List five places that you’re willing to go or five things you’d like to eat
  • Step 2: Have your spouse pick three of them
  • Step 3: You make the final decision and choose one from that list

As Mic_Check_One_Two explained on Reddit, this will prevent you from getting the standard “I don’t know” response when you ask where your spouse or children want to go.

It also works because both parties will feel like they’ve had a say in the dining decision.

How to save while dining out

Since grocery prices are down this year, many restaurants are having to lower their prices or offer special promotions to keep people coming in the door.

Here are a few tips to save money when you go out to eat:

  1. Skip the alcoholic drinks
  2. Share an entrée
  3. Go on Kids Eat Free night
  4. Do lunch instead of dinner
  5. Order from the Happy Hour menu

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