Turkey trouble? Now you can text Butterball


If you have a turkey emergency, the folks at Butterball will be there to help save your Thanksgiving dinner — whether it’s by phone or text.

Got a question? Butterball will text you back

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For the first time ever, Butterball experts will answer texts 24/7 from November 17 through Thanksgiving Day for those who text questions to 844-877-3456.

Of course, you can always call 800-288-8372 to speak to someone as well.

Butterball’s 50+ experts have been answering questions on its Turkey Talk-Line every November and December for more than 30 years now.

The number one question remains the same: How long does it take to thaw a turkey?

According to one of the several YouTube videos uploaded by Butterball, you should plan to thaw your turkey one week before Thanksgiving, or one day for every four pounds.

A thawed turkey can stay in the fridge up to four days before cooking, Butterball says.

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