Americans will spend $8 billion on Halloween this year


Are you ready for Halloween this year?

Halloween is big business for bars, taverns, and costume retailers, of course. This year, the National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $8 billion on the holiday, most of it on costumes.

Yet out of 300+ million Americans, how many people will celebrate Halloween? Just a little more than half at 170 million people — though you would think it would be more.

The average amount spent on a costume will be $28. I bought mine on clearance for 90% off after Halloween one year and it’s an old-time convict’s outfit with the black-and-white stripes. We already celebrated this past weekend with our children. The kids love it. Some people object to Halloween on religious grounds, but others think it’s just a good excuse for fun.

Meanwhile, are people buying more Romney masks or more Obama masks this year? Obama has a 60-40 lead. Of course, these results have no bearing on what will happen come Election Day!

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