Affordable head sensor protects kids playing sports


Reebok is preparing a head impact indicator so kids playing contact sports can do so with peace of mind after taking a big hit on the field.

The CheckLight, which will sell for around $100, is a wearable beanie with an electronics indicator tucked inside it. After a damaging hit, there is an LED light that will flash either yellow, indicating a moderate hit, or red, which indicates a damaging hit.

As a kid, I grew up playing football through junior high and also boxing. But I stopped both because I got hit a lot!

Now that I have a son, I wouldn’t want him playing football. Am I being overcautious? Maybe so. But if I knew there was a way to ensure he’d stay safe, I’d be more willing to let him play.

I have a feeling the CheckLight and similar wearable head sensors will change things for parents and even for professional athletes.

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