4-D movie theaters try to get you back to the multiplex


You’re used to 3-D at the movie theater, right? Now some multiplexes are exploring a totally immersive viewer experience called 4-D.

Movie theaters are hurtin’ for certain with the rise of flat-screen TVs at home, in addition to the popularity of services like Redbox, Netflix and Hulu Plus. So in an effort to put people back in seats, they’re introducing seats that move with the action in the movie, coupled with atmospheric effects like fog or certain smells.

The earliest 4-D theaters opened in Los Angeles and New York. The Los Angeles Times reports a few hundred of these 4-D theaters will be open over the next few years.

But remember this, you can rent a movie from Redbox for $1.50. Or you can go to a theatre and spend $16 or $20 for two tickets and that’s before refreshments. It’s the same movie, you just have to wait one or two months later to see it on Redbox!

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