29 awesome DIY YouTube videos you have to see

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Remember the days before Internet? You know, when your main resource to research how to do anything was at best your grandparents’ dusty set of encyclopedias?
Thankfully those days are behind us, and the world is now at our fingertips. Google answers all of our ridiculous questions and YouTube teaches us how to do everything from haircuts to oil changes, home improvement projects to learning an instrument. It seems the possibilities are endless!
Don’t believe me? Check out all of these amazing videos!

Must-see video: 29 great YouTube DIY moments

  1. Car repairs and maintenance. Everything from complicated repairs to minor tasks like installing new windshield wipers or replacing the cabin air filter.
  2. Bicycle repair. Searching that term alone garnered 275,000 results, so whether you want to replace your chain or attempt an entire tune up, you can find the information you need on YouTube.
  3. Learn a musical instruments, any instrument, at any level. Piano, banjo, clarinet or even the lowly kazoo.
  4. Appliance repair. From your new fangled Keurig to your stove or washing machine.
  5. Cooking. Don’t know how to scramble an egg? Want to make a chocolate soufflé to impress your guests or carve the turkey like a boss on Thanksgiving? It’s all there.
  6. Cake decorating. You can try your hand at fondant or create a gender reveal cake for the mom to be.
  7. Canning and preserving. Pickles, jam, sauerkraut and even pickled pigs’ feet!
  8. Learn some new dance moves. Your groove might be belly dancing, hip hop, clog dancing or even classical ballet.
  9. Yoga. Downward dog? It’s in there. Ska Pada Bhujapidasana? It’s in there too!
  10. Troubleshooting computer problems, from your software to your hardware.
  11. Vacuum cleaner repair and maintenance. Replace the belt on your pricey Dyson or figure out why the the suction, well . . . sucks.
  12. Origami. From the classic crane to ornate dollar folding.
  13. Assembling confusing Ikea furniture. Yeah, admit it, you need the help.
  14. Plumbing. Your toilet, your faucet, your hose bib.
  15. Phone repairs and battery replacement. Stop replacing and start repairing your iPhone screen, and even replace the battery.
  16. How to properly fold a fitted sheet. Apparently it’s actually possible.
  17. Photography. Whether you use your cell phone or a classic 35 mm camera.
  18. Hair styling and makeup. You’re in luck if you’re looking to learn ornate Daenarys Targarean braids or perhaps something more traditional. And makeup tutorials? There are more than 46 million to choose from!
  19. Dog grooming. Poodle cut? You betcha! Labrador retriever? You’re covered as well. Heck, with over 100,000 grooming videos, you’re good to go.
  20. Fix broken toys. If it’s broken, there’s likely a tutorial how to fix it. Beyblade, a remote control car or simply bring Barbie’s hair back to its new-in-box lustre.
  21. Gardening. Learn to plant asparagus, reseed the lawn, prune your trees or start from seed.
  22. Rewire a lamp. It’s super easy.
  23. Tile work. Create your own backsplash, tile the bathroom floor or even create a fancy mosaic.
  24. Make your own mouse traps. Disgustingly, there are videos for this as well.
  25. Create crafts for resale. Maybe you want to know how to make ribbon barrettes, your own soap or even duct tape wallets.
  26. Sewing. Whether you’re a beginner or wanting to brush up your advanced skills, there’s something for everyone.
  27. Knitting and crocheting. Watching a video is infinitely easier than reading a diagram.
  28. Artistic techniques. Learn to draw, paint or even figure out Photoshop.
  29. Home haircuts. There are almost four million YouTube videos on this subject, which should put home hair cuts within the reach of even the least skilled. However, not every YouTube inspired cut is a success, as this blog post can attest to. So attempt this one at your own risk!


With 782.4 bajillion how-to videos available on YouTube, there’s almost nothing you can’t at least attempt to DIY. I guess grandma’s Encyclopedia Britannica set is doomed to gather dust one more day.

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