10 Thanksgiving leftover makeovers


A day of leftovers is enough for me. Beyond that, the leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast have to be magically transformed, so that it doesn’t feel like I’m eating the Thanksgiving meal for the 7th time in a row.

Here are my 10 favorite ways to completely make-over Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sweet Potato Muffins – After a busy day of Black Friday shopping, come home and rest, then whip up a batch of these sweet potato muffins.

Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole – Add in your favorite baked potato toppings as mixins to renew your leftover mashed potatoes.

Tuscan Turkey Soup – Doesn’t this just make you want to hop on a plane to Italy? Well, since that’s not practical, this soup will help us take a mental trip to the hillsides of Tuscany after our Thanksgiving meal.

Shepherd’s Pie, Turkey Style – Turn all your leftover veggies, potatoes and meat into a delicious shepherd’s pie. Compile, top with a healthy dose of shredded cheese and pop into the oven.

White Turkey Enchiladas – Just substitute shredded turkey in your favorite shredded chicken enchiladas.

Turkey Apple Salad Melt Panini – Panini-ize your leftover turkey meat. This delicious combination of flavors and textures will not disappoint!

Slow Cooker Lemon-y Turkey Noodle Soup – You had me at slow cooker. Then at soup. Then at lemon-y. The perfect way to re-purpose leftover turkey for a chili winter evening meal.

Slow Cooker Ham & Bean Soup
– And if you’re having Ham at your Thanksgiving feast, this soup is a great way to transform those leftovers.

Curried Turkey Salad – Black Friday Lunch just got kicked up a notch on the fancy scale. This curried turkey salad is the perfect lunch or dinner (or breakfast maybe, since you’ve been up since midnight?) after a long day (morning) of shopping!

Pumpkin Smoothie – And if you’ve got any pumpkin puree left from your baking efforts, this smoothie is the perfect way to use up the leftovers. (Heck, I might even put the leftover pie in a blender and smoothie-ize it!)


What is your favorite way to make-over turkey and all the other Thanksgiving fixins?!

About the author: Erin Chase is the founder of $5 Dinners.com and author of The $5 Dinner Mom’s One-Dish Dinners Cookbook.

(Source: Savings.com)

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