Nourishment season 1 episode 2

Kim Drobes

What would you do if you were told you had 6 months to live?

That is such a heavy question with so many possible answers.  But for chef Ryan Hidinger and his wife Jen, one of those answers was to bring their dream restaurant to life.  And, in that process, they created something larger, grander, and more nourishing then they had ever imagined – a way to give back to their community in times of crisis.  This is the story of Bon Appétit’s restaurant of the year, Staplehouse, and their non profit charitable arm, The Giving Kitchen.  It’s a story of entrepreneurship, charity, love, life, death and food.  Really, really good food.

Ryan and Jen at home

The Staplehouse crew after a dinner shift
Kara, Ryan, Jen and Ryan
Prelude to Staplehouse supper club
Freddy Bensch, Jen Hidinger, Chris Hall, Ryan Turner, Stephanie Galer, Seth Herman, and Steve Farace