Lost and Found season 1 episode 4

Kim Drobes

For someone who has suffered the misfortune of watching their wedding band fly off their hand in the wake of a thrown Frisbee, or come out of the water to find themselves exactly one engagement ring lighter than when they went in, it can be difficult deciding how far to go before giving up. How many hours of searching, how much time trekking back through a hiking trail or wading along the shore of a lake is practical? How long after the sun sets can someone really expect to spot a ring hiding in the sand? How fast does doubt set in whether they’re even looking in the right spot anymore? These are the kinds of questions that have driven customers to seek out professional ring finder, Dan Roekle.

dancarterkyliewater_smallDan and his kids

On this episode of the Empowerment Zone, we’ll hear how a chance encounter on a beach led Dan and his kids to embark on a new hobby, eventually starting the small business Lost and Found Ring, where he uses his metal detector – and some old-fashioned, detective style smarts – to reunite those on the verge of giving up with their lost items.

Laura, her ring, Dan and his son Carter
Jon, his ring, and his wife