Do Good season 2 episode 2

Kim Drobes
Do Good | season 2 episode 2

The Do Good bus is a Los Angeles-based 501(3)(c) non-profit that takes groups to different places to volunteer. The twist is that the group of volunteers doesn’t know where they will be taken for their service trip!

The idea for the Do Good Bus was born from a party bus that founder Rebecca Reeder’s friends rented for her birthday. She saw that friends from different parts of her life connect through being crammed on the bus together. The idea that strangers could connect for the common purpose of volunteering to do good drove Rebecca to pursue the idea of bringing people together to volunteer — and eventually buy a bus.

Jasmine Ayala, a host for the Do Good Bus, says, “The way Rebecca did this is absolutely genius. There’s not really a lot of time for people to feel awkward or like there’s not much to do because the bus is so cool in and of itself. It’s entertaining. It’s an event.”

The bus makes people face each other and interact with fellow volunteers to build community even before they work together for charity. Icebreaker activities begin almost as soon as the volunteers have picked their seats.

The bus hosts many volunteer outings and has different types of rides. There are rides for corporate team building, celebrations, and Rebecca’s favorite: community rides that put strangers on the bus together to go somewhere and do volunteer work for the day.

The Do Good Bus’ partnerships around the United States also allow hosted rides — the most famous ride so far being their tour with the band Foster the People in 2011. The Do Good Bus gathered the band’s fans at each stop of the tour to volunteer for a charity in that city.

This unique non-profit empowers its riders to not only help their community, but also to meet people who share their values — a win-win for everyone!