Dial-a-Carol season 1 episode 5

Kim Drobes

Of all the historical holiday traditions, Christmas Caroling is one of the most iconic. Nothing evokes a holiday setting as quickly as the image of neighbors singing door to door through the snowy night.

As appealing as the image is, realistically most of us aren’t likely to bundle up and take to the streets in song. Most of our holiday music will probably come from store speakers that insist on repeating the same few Christmas jingles over and over as we finish up our last minute shopping. With any luck, the jazzy themes from A Charlie Brown Christmas might still provide a backdrop for wrapping gifts and finalizing travel plans.
For one group of students at the University of Illinois, however, embracing the Christmas spirit through song has been a way to both stave off the stresses of final exams and spread  holiday cheer. At first, their approach might seem modern and high-tech, but on this episode of the Empowerment Zone, we learn that the students of Snyder Hall’s DIAL-A-CAROL program are upholding a campus tradition that actually stretches all the way back to the 1960s.
Dial-a-Carol Volunteers