Use This Template to Request a Permanent Work-From-Home Position


Like millions of workers around the world, you may be performing your job duties from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that you’re settled in, what if your employer wants you to start coming back into the office in the near future? And what if you’re not comfortable with that? 

Tips to Request a Permanent Remote Job

Flexible jobs website* has created an email template you can use to request a permanent work-from-home position from your employer. The template has two parts:

  • An email that formally states your request to work from home permanently
  • A proposal outline that you can use during your meeting with your boss

If you’ve got a nice home office setup and you want to work from home permanently, this is a great resource to use if you are unsure of how to approach the issue with your boss.

You can rest assured that you’re not alone. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey says most office workers (83%) want to work from home at least one day a week. Another pandemic-related survey, this one from FlexJobs, found that 65% of respondents reported they now want to work remotely full-time.

You may feel that working from home gives you several advantages you didn’t previously have including:

  • A better work-life balance
  • More productivity
  • Ability to save money on commuting

Here is an email template that you can send to your employer to request a permanent full-time remote position. Below it is an outline for a proposal that you can use to discuss the issue with your supervisor or manager.

Email Template: How to Request a Permanent Remote Position 

Subject Ideas: 

Long-term remote work options

Plans for continued remote work vs. return to the office

Hello [manager’s name],


I hope you’re doing well! To best prepare for the coming months, I’d like to get a good sense of the company’s plans to return to the office and what the options are for longer-term remote work. Are you the right person to talk to, and if so, could we set up a call for later this week?”

Best wishes,

[your name]

Proposal Outline: Show This to Your Boss

Here is the proposal outline to present at your meeting with the boss. FlexJobs says you should send this one day before your meeting, so your boss has time to review it.


A long-term remote work arrangement.

[You may want to list the specific arrangement or arrangements you’d ideally like here. Examples are below.]

  • Work from home 2-3 days per week
  • Continue working 100% from home, with in-office visits as needed.
  • Work from home through spring 2021

Reasoning and Benefits: 

Since beginning to work from home full-time during the pandemic, I’ve discovered just how productive and effective I can be at my job by working this way. This was also possible even though many other responsibilities and focuses shifted in my personal life. Like many of us, because of remote work, I continued contributing at a high level at work while taking care of unexpected and challenging life circumstances. 

Specifically, while working remotely, I’ve experienced…


[List specific accomplishments, achievements, and improvements related to work. Examples are below.]

  • 95% client retention during a severe economic downturn due to excellent communication and availability outside traditional office hours.
  • 15% fewer PTO or sick days compared to last year because I can keep working through mild illnesses, when children are home sick, etc.
  • Creative new ways of collaborating and communicating with co-workers leading to stronger working relationships
  • A faster turn-around time on projects / content / brainstorms / client requests because of the increased focus that remote work supports.

Potential Schedule and Communication Details

I understand how important it is for me to be reachable and available even when working remotely. Here’s how I can make that possible:

  • Stick to predictable hours that overlap with the team’s for synchronous work
  • Be available by email, phone, and online chat during work hours
  • Announce my arrival and departure every day just as I would in the office
  • Send schedule changes and other necessary info to anyone affected
  • Dial into all meetings and use video whenever possible
  • Make regular visits to the office and be available as needed for in-person meetings

 Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve met with your superior about working from home for the long haul, prepare yourself for several outcomes. If your employer counteroffers with a scenario where you can work one or two days a week from home, don’t be quick to reject it.

See if they will allow you to take a day to think it over. Use that time to consult with your family or partner and get their thoughts before you make a final decision.

* FlexJobs is a job search website that focuses on identifying legitimate job postings, but it’s not free. The service charges $14.95/month because a real person reviews every single job posting to help you avoid bogus listings and scams. Read this article from Team Clark before you sign up for FlexJobs.

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