What it takes to be happy at work


Are you happy at work? A new survey reveals a surprising segment of people who are.

Unemployment is still too high, but today we’re in a time of increased velocity in the job market. People feel more confident about leaving where they are and going somewhere they might be happy. Now is the time to look, unless you’re chasing benefits of some type by staying on for a certain number of months. Otherwise, don’t do that to yourself!

If you hate what you do, go find a job doing something you love. It’s an old trite phrase — life is too short — but you don’t want to wake up on a Monday saying, “I can’t believe I have to go back again!” I have had the good fortune most of my life to do things I love. But I did have jobs I hated. I remember at one the time would go by soooo slowly every day, and I became a real clock watcher.

Who really loves their job? A new AP survey finds 9 out of 10 people either like or love their work once they reach age 50. That’s regardless of race, gender, education, and income. That stat really says something about the maturing process.

The factor identified as most bringing satisfaction to older workers is when they can mentor younger colleagues and share advice based on their own years of work and life experience.

So there are 2 messages I want you to take away. First, you’ve got to make of a job what you can. Second, don’t settle. If you are miserable, go seek a new opportunity, whether that’s another job or as an entrepreneur starting your own business.

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