What are workers really doing when they work from home?


A new study shows what employees may really be doing when they’re working from home.

Wakefield Research did a survey of 1,013 American office workers who were asked to be candid about what their telecommuting days are like. Here are the results:

  • 43 percent said they watch TV or a movie
  • 35 percent do household chores
  • 28 percent cook dinner
  • 26 percent say they take naps
  • 24 percent say they have an adult beverage
  • 20 percent play video games
  • Half of those surveyed say their boss frowns upon working at home

We all know of bosses who are control freaks and forbid working at home because they think an employee won’t be productive unless they’re being watched. Those bosses will just use this study as ammo to further their viewpoint.

But the real test is, how good of a job do you getting your work done? The reality is there are so many distractions in the office. It may not be TV, but you have people talking, going for a break, getting a soft drink, etc.

If somebody who works for you gets the job done, who cares how they arrange their day? The real issue is the results. Crummy employees will be crummy at the office or at home. You know the people who are the good workers.

So don’t miss the key point. Sure, one in four people who work from home report getting toasted, but what are the others doing? You’ve got a lot of people who are out doing what they should be doing.

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