The CIA is hiring a librarian for $100,000


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is hiring — and not just spies and secret agents. The agency has an opening for a librarian and the pay is quite excellent!

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The CIA is hiring one very expensive librarian

The listed range for the income is $50,864 to $118,069 a year! That salary is pretty darn competitive with a ‘reconnaissance‘ type of job. But while the unemployment rate in the U.S. is currently hovering around 4.9%, the government says it is still having difficulties finding skilled workers. 

Part of the reason may be the job requirements — like having a master’s degree with librarian experience. There’s also an intensive background check, which is to be expected, and there are several exams that have to be taken — including psychological, medical and lie-detector tests. 

However, there is some opportunity for James Bond-like activities according to the job descriptions. ‘Librarians also have opportunities to serve as embedded, or forward deployed, information experts in CIA offices and select intelligence Community agencies.’

Being a studious James Bond sounds like a pretty good gig!

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