Sweden switches to 6 hour workday


Have you ‘checked out’ at work? If so, you’re like 7 of 10 Americans on the job, according to the results of a Gallup poll.

Less than 1 in 3 people are committed and enthusiastic about their jobs. Many have stayed on too long through the recession despite burnout because there was no job mobility.

You know what would really go a long way toward more engagement? A shorter work day!

Many Swedish companies have switched to a 6-hour workday, according to ScienceAlert. They’re asking employees to stay off social media and keep meeting short so everyone can stay focused.

Working too much can kill you! According to study published in The Lancet, working a 55-hour week equates to a 33 percent greater risk of having a stroke than working 35 to 40 hours. They also found a 13 percent increased risk of developing coronary heart disease. And a separate study noted a 49-hour week was associated with lower mental health for women.

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Are you feeling disengaged at your job?

Here’s a question for the bosses: How do you motivate people in the workplace? What managers say motivate workers and what really motivates them are two different things entirely.

Managers think the way to show workers their appreciation is in their paycheck and with bonuses. But as anybody who has taken a management course will tell you, pay is only a dis-satisfier, it does not make people happy.

What really matters is making it possible for your employees to shine and to feel like they’re valued. And to tell them specifically why they’re valued.

I always laugh when managers get up at meetings and say, ‘Everybody on the team, you just did a great (fill in the blank)…’ like they’re some kind of football coach! That’s not the way to motive workers. You need to recognize people individually for their dedication and initiative. That’s what creates the desire to do more.


I’ve always said companies that romance their workers end up with workers that romance their customers. Treat employees with dignity, give them responsibilities and trust them to make good decisions…and they’ll make you more money!

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What it takes to be happy at work

Who really loves their job? I remember reading an AP survey that found 9 out of 10 people either like or love their work once they reach age 50. That’s regardless of race, gender, education, and income. That stat really says something about the maturing process.

The factor identified as most bringing satisfaction to older workers is when they can mentor younger colleagues and share advice based on their own years of work and life experience.

So there are 2 messages I want you to take away. First, you’ve got to make of a job what you can. Second, don’t settle. If you are miserable, go seek a new opportunity, whether that’s another job or as an entrepreneur starting your own business.

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