4 Great Job Apps and Websites for Retirees


If you’re a retiree looking to make a little extra cash, you should look online. There are now several job apps and websites that list part-time jobs that are a good fit for most seniors.

In this article, I’ll highlight four job apps that have opportunities geared toward more seasoned workers. Some of these jobs require specific skills — but not all of them do. Note that these four apps are geared toward gig economy jobs which are usually short-term and temporary.

Let’s take a look…

4 Great Job Apps and Sites for Older People

1. GetSetUp

The website GetSetUp hires “Guides” who tutor others online on subjects such as using Gmail, using an Android phone and more. When you become a Guide, you can work from home on your own schedule.

While you can be an adult of any age to work as a Guide, the company told me it employs many 55+ workers.

Pay: $25 an hour.

How to sign up: Fill out the application on GetSetUp.io.

2. CoolWorks

The jobs site CoolWorks.com specializes in seasonal jobs, from golf course workers to camp guides and similar positions in the guest services and hospitality industries.

On the site, you can search for employment by category tabs which include National Parks, Seasons, States and more. And don’t miss the site’s Older and Bolder page, geared specifically toward seniors.

Pay: Varies by the position.


How to sign up: Create an account on CoolWorks.com.

3. Rover

Perfect for those who are older yet active, Rover.com offers “sitting” opportunities including watching over homes and pets.

The site says dog walking is ideal for seniors and others who enjoy animals.

Pay: Up to $1,000 a month.

How to sign up: Create an account at Rover.com.

4. Rent A Grandma

The site RentAGrandma.com does more than employ older, motherly types looking to earn some extra cash. The site has tons of jobs for reliable caregivers, chefs, people interested in child care, permitting, housesitting jobs and more.

Once you set up a profile and upload your resume, potential customers will be able to see your skills and the services you can provide. Grandmas in non-franchised locations are required to pay a $25 fee to get started.

Pay: Depends on what you negotiate with clients.

How to sign up: Create a RentAGrandma account.

Final Thoughts

Finding a job after age 60 may seem overwhelming, but today’s technology can make the process easier.


For other resources, make sure you check out the AARP jobs page, which has a lot of employment information as well as job postings.

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