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I’m asked continually if people can really make huge money in their spare time by taking surveys online. The answer is overwhelmingly “no,” but there are a few possible exceptions.

The reality is that almost every single solicitation you see in your inbox or on a banner ad on a website for this kind of thing is bogus. I have a guide to work-at-home opportunities that I believe are legitimate to help you steer clear of the rips. (Let me know if you have an issue with any site I’ve recommended.)

Now, the options on my list are not going to make you hundreds of dollars a week in just a few hours. None of them are “get rich quick” kinds of things. These are just opportunities where you can earn a few extra dollars in your spare time. (They’re particularly popular with stay-at-home parents who still want to earn some income.)

I mentioned earlier that there a few exceptions to the general rule that most survey sites are duds. So here are a few new sites I’m adding to my list:

  1. – This is something my brother the lawyer would be involved in. Before a big case, lawyers like to have their arguments heard by a mock jury. Online mock juries and focus groups allow large groups of people to help attorneys determine case value, develop case themes, find the facts to emphasize, and learn “public” attitudes. lets attorneys pay people to get reaction so they have a sense about how to argue cases and plot their objections before they get to court. The biggest complaint we’ve uncovered with is that people sign up for the service as “jurors” and then never get empaneled.
  2. Google Opinion RewardsAnswer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits.
  3. – Offers a similar service to
  4. – This is just a straight research site. People are paid to be available to provide market research, including online focus groups, hosted focus groups and online surveys. We’ve seen some complaints about people not being invited to participate as often as they’d like to once they’re in the system.

Again, these are not “get rich quick” opportunities. Think instead about these sites as a way to earn some spare cash in your spare time. But anybody who promises huge money in your spare time, I hate to say it, but they’re lying.

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