This tool rates your job satisfaction and whether you get paid enough at work


A new start-up wants to give you more insight into your career by telling you if you could make more money or how happy you would be at a certain company.

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‘We’ve built a platform to show what’s your market value, where you rank in the company and how you compare in happiness,’ said Chief Executive Jason Nazar. ‘If you think about two big things people are focused on at work, it’s how good is my experience and how much am I making.’ 

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How it’s different from Glassdoor and Payscale 

Though Comparably is similar to Glassdoor, Payscale and other employment data sites, Comparably is different in that it is going to be more ‘organized and specific’ than other similar services,and have the ability to gather more accurate reviews. Plus, with the focus on company culture, Comparably wants to tell you where your company ranks when it comes to your job satisfaction and overall happiness at work. Comparably does this by asking its users questions about the company culture, in addition to their salary info.

For example, it could tell a female CEO that she is making $13,000 less than an average CEO at a company with 50 employees, enabling her to be bolder about her salary requirements. Additionally, the site wants to become a resource that includes career articles and other services such a chat forum where people in similar industries can chat anonymously.

After heading up another tech firm that he sold, Docstoc, Mr. Nazar knows how important it is to keep users’ data secure. He said in order to keep user data completely anonymous, Comparably is using security measures such as scrambling email addresses. 

You can sign up for Comparably by going to 

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