Let Congress Know You Want Veteran’s Benefits Upheld


I have been gravely upset about veterans or their family members being unable to get timely medical care — or any medical care at all — from the VA system.

In America, the number of people connected to the military has shrunk over time. When you think about Iraq and Afghanistan, we sent the same people over and over again for calls of duty. Prior in history, the call of duty was far more widespread with draft cycles. When war called us to duty, it was once a shared sacrifice. But that culture has changed.

Most people in the U.S. Congress have no history of military service. They pay lip service to the brave sacrifice of the men and women who wear the uniform, but it’s just words. Actions speak, not words.

We have a problem in the U.S. that we’ve got to fix. I’ve been reading stories in state after state from Colorado, Arizona, and Texas, to name just a few, from veterans left wanting for medical care from the VA.

They’re suffering in silence and deteriorating health — even to the point of death — because of the failure to provide care promised to veterans.

Think about what you’ve been doing last 13 years. Your life may have taken twists and turns. But those who signed up in our all-volunteer military were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Many are coming back fine from their service, but many others are coming back with psychological or physical wounds. They depend on the care we have promised them.

I’m asking something of you today. I’m asking you to do something for your fellow American who has been willing to put their life on the line for your and my freedom.

I would like you to contact your Congressional representative. Start at ContactingtheCongress.org to find your elected representatives. Let them know you want Congress to turn up the heat and see to it that our veterans are treated well.

We continue to hear about 3 issues impacting veterans:
1. Access to medical care
2. Access to benefits
3. Issues with disabilities

Remember, these people put their lives on detour so we can have freedom. Please take just a moment to contact DC. Because when your elected representatives hear a concerted outcry from the American people, things can change.


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