How To Follow Up on a Job Application

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If you’ve filled out a job application recently, you may have noticed that companies don’t often provide information about what to do next.

Unless the job listing or company website has indicated otherwise, it’s up to you to follow up on your application.

Flexible jobs website FlexJobs recently posted three simple templates for job seekers who want to follow up after they’ve applied for a position.

Here’s How To Follow Up on a Job Application

The templates from FlexJobs cover three methods of communication:

Depending on which method of communication you’re most comfortable with, consider using one or all of them.

But before you do, FlexJobs says you should make sure of the following things:

  • That the application doesn’t say not to reach out to the employer.
  • That you respond while the job application process is still active.
  • That your tone is not pushy or off-putting.

Once you’ve checked all the boxes as to whether you can and should follow up, the templates below should make it very easy.

Ready to get started? First, we’ll show you a template you can use for email, then we’ll cover voicemail and phone call scripts.

Job Application Follow-Up: Email Template

Hello/Dear/Good Morning/Afternoon Ms./Mr. [name],

I’m writing to follow up on the application I submitted [date] for the [Job Title] position with [Name of Company] and to reiterate how interested I am in talking to the hiring team about this particular position.


As was mentioned in the job description, you’re looking for a proactive self-starter with great communication skills, and I hope this follow-up serves as evidence of both. I also bring [x] years of related experience in [name of job field], and I’m truly excited about the work being done at your company. It would be my pleasure to assist in those efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I know the time and effort that takes. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Not only is following up via email a great way to introduce yourself to a key person in the hiring process, but you can use the opportunity to ask a few questions.

For example, you could ask if there’s a time frame in which the employer is trying to fill the position or set up interviews. You could also ask if there is any skill or experience you listed on your application that the person wants to know more about.

Job Application Follow-Up: Voicemail Script

Now let’s look at what to say when you make a phone call after submitting a job application and have to leave a voicemail.

Remember, as long as the job application doesn’t say otherwise, it’s OK to reach out to the recruiter or hiring manager some time after you’ve applied for the job. Here’s what to say:

Hello, this is [name]. I’m following up on the application I submitted on [date] for [position]. I wanted to reiterate my interest in the role and tell you I’m more than happy to clarify or expand on any of the information I sent. If you’d like to call me back, my number is __________. Thank you so much for your time, and have a great day!

Job Application Follow-Up: Phone Script

The person may choose to pick up the phone. What then? Remember to be professional and brief. Here’s a suggestion on what to talk about:


Hello, this is [name], and I’m an applicant for [position].

Wait for a response. Follow their lead, but it may be appropriate to say something like this next:

I wanted to make sure you received the application and see if there’s any additional information I can provide. I don’t want to interrupt or take up too much of your time, though!

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to follow up via email or by phone, always remember to be brief and not come off as overly personal. Maintain professional respect at all times.

While you wait for the company to reach back out to you, continue to apply for jobs, but watch out for scams.

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