Homeless man lands job after handing out his resume


A homeless man in California made the best of a difficult situation when he found himself out of work and with nowhere to live.

Instead of asking for money, Fredrick Callison handed out resumes to anyone who would take one.

 How he made the best of a difficult situation

“I don’t like to beg. And I won’t. I refused to,” he said.

Callison has a sign that reads, ‘Need work and food,’ next to his spot at a Sacramento, California Smart & Final grocery store and gives out copies of his resume in white envelopes.

Callison is able to stay at the grocery store because he pushes carts for free.


He was able to copy his resume at a local business that lets him occasionally use its office equipment.

The resumes detail Callison’s work history in food service and his work ethic.

‘I am handing off my presentation of myself, of what I’m trying to achieve and what I’m trying to do. Because I don’t want to be out here,’  he told KOVR. ‘I carry around one of these. Food handlers certificate, Social Security card, ID ready to go.’

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‘I need people to know I’m serious about what I’m doing,’ he added.


Michael Marteen saw how serious he was when he was shopping at the store with his fiancee, Sandra Canto, and daughters, Adrian, 9, and Santi, 1, on Feb. 24.

‘When I asked if I could see his resume, he hopped right up to hand one to me and then started telling me all about his experience as if it were an interview,’ Marteen, 25, told Today.com.

‘I’ve been in situations where I had nothing and had to bust my butt to get work, and there he was doing that, so I have a lot of respect for him.’

Callison came to Sacramento two years ago after working as a line cook in Washington state.

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He was hoping to be a cook at the Salvation Army, but when it did not work out he ended up homeless.


Marteen was so impressed he shared Callison’s resume on Facebook, along with his very positive impression of the man: ‘This homeless man was sitting outside of Smart and Final NOT asking for money. His sign said ‘Need work, and hungry…”

homeless man lands job after handing out resume

Someone who saw the post contacted Callison and offered him a job as a cook at a restaurant called Pizza Rock.

The restaurant gave Callison clothes to wear.

A friend is giving him a place to stay until he gets back on his feet.

‘He was ecstatic about landing a job and very grateful for the opportunity,’ Marteen said. ‘He was up the night before studying the menu for hours.’


‘He’s a well-spoken, cool and friendly guy who knows what he wants and is going after it,’ said Marteen.

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