Banks illegally foreclosing on military families’ homes


Chase Bank is at the center of an unfolding national scandal, showing unbelievably unpatriotic behavior in illegally foreclosing on homes owned by deployed military personnel.

This is against the law since the revision to the Service Members Civil Relief Act in 2003. Yet Chase repeatedly did this, in spite of being informed that what they were doing was forbidden. Gen. Petraeus’ wife has now sent a letter to Chase and 24 other big banks telling them that the law is the law and they must comply.

To this moment, Chase has not apologized. In fact, the bank has rather lamely said that they made mistakes in error. That’s not enough in my opinion.

We want our fighting men and women to worry about protecting our freedom, right? Not to be weighed down by a message from somebody back home saying, “They’re putting our stuff out on the street.”

I want to put a spotlight on Chase’s bank reprehensible behavior and refusal to apologize to the American people. We have an all-volunteer military and they put their life on the line for our freedom.  And then we have bank showing them that the laws they’re fighting for don’t matter?! It’s unacceptable and inexcusable.

Where’s the apology to the American people? If somebody from Chase wants to go on the air and apologize, I’m happy to hear from them.

We don’t want to make the already difficult jobs our military members do even harder. They might pay with their lives or health for our freedom. So we need to send one voice and one message to Chase and the other banks to show our support for the troops.   

In addition, I want you to know that there are special rights afforded to deployed military personnel that extend beyond just foreclosure protection. See my military guide for more details.

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