Get paid to go on vacation!


Some people have paid time off at work, and then some have employers that will actually pony up money for them to go on vacation!

Many forward-thinking employers are beginning to offer employees a vacation saving benefit. With this kind of plan, you have a payroll deduction taken from your check each week and your employer matches what you contribute, according to The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The employer may match up to 50 cents of every dollar you contribute, or they may match much less. It all depends on the employer.

I love this idea of having a travel benefit savings plan. There’s no tax break as there would be with a 401(k), but it’s all about you being able to stretch your vacation buck.

An employer who offers this kind of plan signals that they want you to take vacation. A new Harris survey shows that the average American will leave 9 days of vacation on the table this year.

I believe strongly that employees do better when they feel valued and are given down time to decompress.

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