Fifth Third Bank helping unemployed customers find work


One of the nation’s regional banks has a solution to mortgage default that happens because of sudden unemployment or underemployment: Job hunting help for delinquent mortgage holders!

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An innovative solution to unemployment

Fifth Third Bank has an innovative program where it teams up with employment firm NextJob, Inc., to assist mortgage borrowers who have missed two consecutive mortgage payments because of a change in their job status.

Launched back in 2012, the ReEmployment program offers participants 16 weeks of online job hunting help, resume assistance and one-on-one phone coaching.

The cost to Fifth Third Bank for the program? A reported $1,500 per participant. Contrast that with the more than $50,000 the bank can lose every time it forecloses on a mortgage!

‘I love that the free market has come up with a solution to a problem,’ Clark says. ‘Is this the solution that’s going to stick? Who knows! But anything is a step in the right direction…’

Struggling with the career question in your life? Consider this…

Find an employer that’s known to pay a higher wage

There is a targeted trend of some high-profile companies willingly paying more to lower-income workers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Chase has announced a pay increase for 18,000 workers to at least $12 an hour. Starbucks also stepped up to the plate with a minimum 5% pay hike for it employees this year.

Costco, meanwhile, is known to pay some of the highest wages in all of retail.

Look for fringe benefits, particularly education

Maybe you can’t jump ship to a different employer right now. If that’s the case, are you taking advantage of all the perks your current employer is offering? Even fast-food restaurants are now offering tuition reimbursement to subsidize your education. Taking advantage of these kinds of programs can put you on track to a new, higher paying career.

Get yourself ‘upskilled’

If you’re stuck in low-wage work, there could be an opportunity for you to get some free training and move to a highly paid career, particularly in the manufacturing fields. The key is to find an employer willing to ‘upskill’ you. A good starting point is the National Fund for Workforce Solutions website and their list of regional collaboratives in 24 states.


Learn a trade

College may not be for everybody. For some people, pursuing a trade or technical training is a better fit.

Did you know some plumbers make $117,000 on average in their first year out of an apprenticeship program? That’s according to CNN Money in an article titled ‘The $100,000 job: Be an apprentice.’

Start a side hustle

Is there something you love to do that you think you could get paid for on an hourly or freelance basis? Then you’re a candidate to start a side hustle.

Here’s a list of the top-rated side jobs that can help you earn extra cash.

Become an entrepreneur

Everybody wants to be their own boss, right? While getting there is possible, it isn’t easy.

Clark loves entrepreneurs and routinely calls small business ‘the lifeblood of American capitalism.’ Here are eight things to consider before working for yourself.

Consider a work-at-home job

One of the most popular links on is our list of work-at-home opportunities. This list is continually updated with new opportunities!

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3 ways to win your next job interview

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