Employment forecast not all doom and gloom



: There’s bad news on the job front with the unemployment rate rising from 4.8% to 5.1% and employers reporting 3 consecutive months of job losses. We may be at the beginning of more trouble. But the irony is that we’re starting from a good spot. Economists never even thought we could get an unemployment rate as low as 5% without overheating the economy.

Instead of focusing on the bad news, Clark wants to let you know about companies that are planning on doing some big-time hiring. Forbes recently reported that Accenture — an international consulting, technology and outsourcing company — plans to hire 60,000 new employees in 2008. And that’s just one example. This is not a doom and gloom economy where there are no jobs to be had.

Kiplinger.com recently ran a feature about recession-proof careers. These fields include healthcare, education, security, environmental science and government. In one example, The Washington Post reports that a Maryland county is pursing paramedics like they’re star athletes. The starting salary is $57K.

Keep in mind that 70% of the jobs that will exist in 20 years don’t exist today. Think back to 1988. At that point there was no Internet and no e-mail. You’ve got be willing to continually reinvent yourself. The typical American will have 5 careers and at least 15 jobs. Be ready to go back to school if necessary. As our economy changes, you’ve got to move with it.

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